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Mental Health World Cup

Mental Health World Cup



In 2022, Quaye Services sponsored the Black Professionals in Construction Team at the UK’s leading charity 5-a-side football tournament in the fight to prevent male suicide. The Mental Health World Cup raises funds and awareness for the Charity CALM, MIND and other mental health community initiatives.  

Our Managing Director, Nii Klotey, was the team’s goalkeeper and won not only keeper of the tournament but the team bested all of their opponents to win the whole tournament. Read below what our founder had to say about the event:  

I once heard Arsene Wenger describe the role as Goalkeeper as one which invites ‘100% negative stress’. 
Imagine…it’s 0-0, the GK has made 10 amazing saves, but 1 error means the game is lost. That scoring striker however, has missed 10 shots, capitalises on the keeper’s error and is showered in glory! 
Much like a GK, being a Quantity Surveyor is often an underappreciated, but critical function of a winning team, being that safe pair of hands all can rely upon. 
So you can only imagine how happy I was to win the Top Goalkeeper award at yesterday’s Mental Health World Cup whilst playing for BPIC Network, organised by giancarlo gaglione and QPR FC. A great competition for an even greater cause, which I’m sure will see an increase on the 32 participating teams this year, (all of who we beat to win the tournament I must add!) 
To help with the ‘negative stress’ that comes with working in Construction and being a business owner, I have cultivated a supportive network who encourage me to open up and be vulnerable about challenges I may be facing on a day to day, as well as pushing me to celebrate the small wins too. 
I urge anyone who is struggling with their mental health to reach out to absolutely anyone, as more people care than you think they do. 

Nii Klotey Quaye - Quaye Services