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Black Women in Real Estate

Black Women in Real Estate



Black Women in Real Estate enables Black Women to be seen, heard and grow in the Real Estate industry.  

Since their inception in 2021 they have been opening doors and creating endless opportunities within Real Estate.  

Quaye Services is honoured to have partnered with BWRE to sponsor annual memberships for 5 junior & intermediate level women to participate in the organisation as they execute their vision to: 

  • increase the number, profile and representation of Black Women in Real Estate.  
  • Improve the experience of Black women in the industry 
  • Develop and maintain respected partnerships with industry leaders 
  • Drive retention and progression amongst Black women in Real Estate 

This will allow them to: 

  • Provide access to high performing Black female talent 
  • Support the retention of high performing employees and identifying diverse talent 
  • Support junior employees through mentoring 
  • Assist with DEI initiatives 
  • Data collection on broad DEI data to understand the baseline